Clean up, with a Cashless Laundromat System

If your Laundromat is currently running without a cashless payment option, it might be time to re-think. Why lose out to other vendors that DO offer a cashless payment option, when implementing such a system yourself has never been easier.

The Current State of Play

The days of Laundromats only catering for cash purchases are long gone. Today, more purchases than ever are made with credit or debit cards, and this trend is forecast to continue at an increasingly swift rate.

Cashless Laundromat Services

Circumtec supplies all necessary hardware, software and support to enable Laundromat operators to efficiently and profitably run their businesses, with easily-managed and secure cashless payment options.

Why risk losing sales from those who can’t or won’t pay cash, when Circumtec’s easily installed cashless payment systems can allow your customers to use cashless payments instead? Grow sales and increase profits with this convenient and secure payment solution.

Boosted Sales and Minimised Risk

Circumtec offers a range of cashless payment services to provide more convenience to Laundromat customers and increased profitability to owners. And the added advantage? Reduced theft and vandalism! After all, secure cashless transactions mean less cash stored by often-unattended machines, making them less of a target for opportunistic thieves.

Easy Installation

Our cashless payment systems are easily installed at your Laundromat’s integrated pay stations. The system allows for payments to be made by swiping or inserting any type of Visa, Mastercard or debit card, using PayWave or PayPass, or pre-paid options and loyalty cards.

Key Benefits

No Lock-In Contracts
or Setup Costs

Simple Hardware

Detailed Financial
& Sales Reports

Integrated Support
for Google Maps

Integration with
Existing Hardware

Just One Low
Monthly Fee

Why Circumtec Systems?

1. Save Money

The decreased costs associated with cash handling, administration, collection and banking will offer extra savings, giving your business yet another financial boost.

2. Increase Sales & Profits

Circumtec cashless payments offer ultimate convenience to Laundromat customers, maximising sales and increasing profitability.

3. Compatibility

Our systems are proven to be fully compatible with existing hardware, and are easy to install and maintain.

4. Visibility & Transparancy

Circumtec also provides a back-to-base telemetry monitoring system, that’s straightforward to use and allows you to see a snapshot of your business ‘at a glance’, thanks to the real-time data collected.

Peace of mind

Our systems are fully-maintained, all software upgrades are free, and all hardware comes with a standard 12-month warranty. We are also locally-based, meaning no pesky time differences slowing things down, and allowing us to take action immediately, diagnosing and rectifying any issues quickly. You can rest assured we will work to find the most effective resolution, ensuring you can maintain that all-important business continuity.

How do the payment elements work?

Circumtec charges a monthly service fee for the SIM card and server usage that provides the credit card facility and telemetry functions. Our approved aggregation system means there is no need for business owners to open a Merchant or Gateway account and pay the associated fees, which can end up being quite pricey. Simply nominate your preferred bank account and your earnings will be transferred from our ANZ account to your nominated account on a weekly basis.

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